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Clean Desk Policy

We at [Company Name] operate a Clean Desk Policy


The main reasons we have introduced the policy are

1. It shows the right image when our customers vist the company
2. It reduces the threat of security as passwords and confidential information get locked away
3. Scientific studies have shown that there is a reduction in stress with employees having a tidy desk.
4. Studies have also shown a reduction in workplace accidents and spills.

It is generally accepted that a tidy desk is a sign of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Policy in Operation

The implementation of the plicy is fairly straightforward.

At the end of the working day the employee is expected to tidy their desk and to tidy away all office papers. We provide an under desk locker and filing cabinets for this purpose.

We do not expect the policy to be implemented in a heavy handed way, but we expect that most emplyees will live with the spirit of the policy. We expect line managers to deal in a sympathetic way with employees.

Reduction in the use of paper

The policy is also designed to help reduce the amout of paper that is used in the business. This can reduce the amount of paper we use in the business as well as costly toners and inks - particularly from the colour printers. It will also reduce the amout aof filing space that we will have to use.

Many people use print offs as a form of backup against losing information from the computer systems. Please rest assured that our IT Team backup all information on a daily basis.

Tips for having a tidy desk

  1. Put a date and time in your diary to clear your paperwork
  2. If in doubt - throw it out. If you are unsure of whether a piece of paper should be kept - it will probably be better to put it in the bin.
  3. Use our secure recycling bins for office paper no longer needed.
  4. Do not pront off emails to read them. This just generates increased amounts of clutter
  5. Go through the things on your desk to make sure you need them and what you don’t need throw away.
  6. Handle any piece of paper only once - act on it, file it, or put it in the bin
  7. Always clear your desktop before you go home
  8. Consider scanning paper items and filing them in your PC

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