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Jacqueline McLaughlin

As I tried to think of the theme for this piece, one idea kept coming to mind----Creativity. It shouldn't have surprised me. We are on the cusp of spring and spring is all about life, birth, newness and starting again.

At the same time, I seem to be surrounded by women who are really happy and by women who are not very happy at all. This wouldn't seem to have anything to do with creativity but the more I observed the lives of both groups the more I realized that happy women create, every single day. Unhappy women do not believe they are creating at all.

As women, we seem to need to create. Maybe it's in our genes. Our physiology would certainly suggest that. Reproduction is the epitome of creation and we are the gender who makes that happen (with a little help but we bear the brunt of it).

It's just that when we think about creating we think about acting, painting, writing and making music. Too often when we do not possess those talents we believe on some level that we cannot create. Creation however, is so much more.

We have opportunities to create every minute of every day. It's all a matter of looking for them, seeing them and changing our paradigms about what they are. So much of what we do on a day to day basis can seem boring and routine. But change the way you think about the boring and the routine look at even the most mundane tasks as opportunities to create and you may just change your life.

At work, creation can be the development of effective marketing programs, efficient operational procedures, promising long-range strategies, synergistic partnerships with complementary organizations, ideas to make things better, less costly, and more efficient. It can be the building, or mending of, relationships between departments, managers and people in general.

Maybe your job doesn't feel that important. Maybe you work in customer service and deal with nothing but complaints all day. What could you be creating? How about goodwill that keeps customers coming back again and again? How about solutions to customers' problem?

Maybe you're a receptionist. What could you be creating? How about connections between people? Don't receptionists also create feelings of comfort for visitors to a Company?

Maybe you're in accounts payable. What could you be creating? How about a place for people to work, health insurance benefits for employees, warmth when its cold? You help to create all of those things when you pay the rent, the health insurance premiums and the utility bills.

At home, opportunities to create can be more obvious. We know we create love in our families and self esteem in our children. These are not the tasks or ideas that wear us done. It's the mundane that gets to us, keeping the house clean, washing the clothes, doing the grocery shopping, cooking and running errands. These are the activities that feel thankless, unrewarding and anything but creative.

But when you clean the house aren't you creating a better environment for your family? When you do the laundry, aren't you creating clean clothes for your children to wear? When you go grocery shopping and when you are cooking aren't you providing and creating nutritional foods for your family's health.

Recently, I went to the symphony. Maybe it wasn't so unusual that this time I really noticed the large number of musicians performing. Each one could have felt insignificant and as though their piece was unimportant. And I suppose after playing the same music over and over again for so many years, each one could have felt their job was boring and mundane. But it was the insignificant, boring and mundane that came together to create beautiful music and an extraordinary experience.

It occurred to me that the symphony is like life. Each of us plays a different instrument and we often feel as though our piece is insignificant and that our routines are boring and mundane. What we have to remember is that that is the process of creation. Life doesn't begin overnight. Beautiful music and great works of art and literature aren't created in a day.

Creation arises out of thousands of boring moments, and hundreds of seemingly mundane steps performed over and over again…

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