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Most of us should probably accept that we will not eliminate our clutter; however, we can work to contain it. There are many products for sale to help you do that, but if your budget is not flush enough for that shopping spree, don’t overlook items you likely already have in your house that can put you on the way to containing your clutter. Use any of these items (which might currently be clutter themselves) to group "like" items together for storage in a logical place.

  1. Tupperware and sturdy plastic food containers – great for any room to contain small items or large items. These can be used to organize drawers too.
  2. Tins (such as empty cookie and popcorn tins) -- stack them in your children’s room to contain small toys.

  3. Empty wipes containers (baby or otherwise) – great for keeping your desk accessories in one container that can be easily stashed.
  4. Empty gift baskets – don’t throw them away, make use of them. Small, pretty baskets are great for keeping your toiletries in order on a bathroom countertop; larger baskets can hold books and magazines, towels, belts, etc.
  5. Tackle boxes – great for jewelry or makeup.
  6. Film canisters – if you’re slow to move into the digital age or just kept these around – great for small jewelry or children’s barrettes.
  7. Zippered bags in which blankets and bedding are sold – great for storing off- season clothing, children’s art supplies, or your handbag fetish.
  8. Shoe boxes – group your stationary and envelopes; since boxes can be stacked, they allow for the most efficient use of space.
  9. Wastebaskets – throw your cleaning products in an extra one under the sink to avoid that under-the-sink jungle effect.
  10. Out of fashion purses or totes – hang them on a nail in your closet to hold rolled up belts or scarves.
  11. Nail and screw containers (obtained from a hardware store)- store earrings, watches and bracelets.
  12. Set of 3 drawers that are plastic and on rollers (obtained from a store such as Target)-placed inside your closet can hold belts, panythose, scarves, etc.
  13. Baby Food Jars - contain safety pins, Q-Tips, and extra buttons.

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