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Solutions for Cleaning the Family Room!

Your home can look and feel clean with just a little bit of effort.

This month, we're focusing on the Family Room.  In just 5 minutes, have it ready for unexpected guests.

  1. Get rid of coffee tables.  They do very little except hold junk.

  2. Obtain an attractive basket to store throws.  It's nice to hang them on the back of the couch but too often they don't stay there.  They fall on to the couch and create a messy look..

  3. Store DVD's and videos in a book case or an entertainment center.

  4. Create folders for important papers such as bills to be paid, insurance policies, coupons, school information etc.  Sort mail immediately into folders.

  5. Keep newspapers in a wicker basket.  Ditto with magazines.

  6. Vacuum, even hard floors.  It's quicker than mopping.

  7. Dust only those places your guest will be able to see dust on.

  8. Clear cobwebs from corners.


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