» Simplicity, Part 6

19) Move to a Smaller House
With the exception of one year, as a married couple, my husband and I, have not lived in a large house. At this point, we live in a 900 or so square foot house. It has two bedrooms, one bath, a large living/dining room area, kitchen and back porch (which serves to house our laundry room and home school/spare bedroom. You could probably fit another house our size on the total area of our lot…Plus, we have a driveway and small garage. All of this loveliness (aka mortgage) is less than $300 a month; which includes the house payment, the taxes and insurance.

20) Drive a Simple Car
I’m not sure how to gage the term ‘simple.’We have had our fair share of automobiles – – most of them were pretty good in the “was it worth it” department. Let’s see, when we met, he had a small car that resembled an older Toyota Corolla and I had a small sporty car. Both were given to us. With the exception of replacing the entire exhaust, my car ran perfectly. Just before we moved from Germany to the states, we sold both of our cars and purchased a Suzuki Sidekick (less than $200 monthly payment). When we got to Colorado, we paid cash for a Geo Metro. Not too long after that, his mother who had some disabilities moved in with us, necessitating a different vehicle (as she was not able to get into the Sidekick, comfortably). This was screw-up number 1: We traded the Sidekick for a van (the payments doubled). Later, we traded the van for a 4-door Chevy Metro (payments were less than $200). Then, we made mistake number 2: we traded the PAID OFF Metro for a Mitsubishi Gallant. A whole lotta problems occurred and we voluntarily had our car repossessed. Then we purchased (with cash) a Mercury Sable. After putting almost $5000 into the Sable on repairs and one day, when putting the car in gear, we hear a suspicious noise….we traded it in on a brand new PT Cruiser ($250 a month payment). We have paid cash for three pick-up trucks since that time, as well: a full size Chevy and two Dodge Dakota’s. At this time, we have less than a year to pay on the Cruiser – – and then we are FREE and CLEAR with car payments!! We are considering a diesel vehicle, which we can convert to vege oil (for fun) – – to drive around our small town. We’ll see!!

21) Sell the Damn Boat
LMMFAO!!! Since we don’t have a boat…….DONE!!!!

22) Build a Simple Wardrobe
We are pretty good in this area, as well. Hubby has uniforms that the company provides…so, much of his wardrobe is already taken care of!! ;) This year, he spent some time weeding out the stuff that had been worn out and looking horrible – – AFTER – – we found the sale to end all sales (at JC Penney), where we purchased enough clothing to outfit him in dressy casual attire for less than $130. I had been “collecting” shoes and clothing for a while – – had gotten spectacular ‘deals’ – – but, in the end, I rarely wore any of it. So, I really pared down my wardrobe. Recently, I received several shirts (hand-me-downs) and purchased new t-shirts, which have bulked my wardrobe once again.
I would say my family has a below average collection of clothing – – which we try to keep contained!! ;) I also try to purchase many of our day-to-day clothing items at garage sales/thrift stores – – saving money AND recycling.

23) Reduce Your Go-Go Entertainment
The author is discussing the reduction of activities such as movies, plays, theater, opera, concerts, cabaret, and nightclubs – – and really focusing on entertainment which is inexpensive or free. The author also discussed making a list of the things we REALLY liked to do. I will ponder on this and make my list soon. I urge you to do the same – – and post your list on your site. (Link here so I can read your list, too!! :)

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