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Some of us are die-hard vegans or ruthless organic produce shoppers, but how many of us think about the consequences of our wardrobes? 

You probably know that your skin is absorbant.. it absorbs water, lotions, makeup, and many other things it comes in contact with, including the chemicals in your clothes.  No, I don’t expect you to run out and replace your whole wardrobe with seaweed and raffia.  What I do want you to do is consider this:  Your skin will absorb some of the chemicals in the fabric next to your skin, especially when it is moist.  So when you go to make your next clothing or linens purchase, choosing organic is the best choice. 

Even our beloved cotton is corrupted.  Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop of earth and is responsible for over 10%  of all pesticides sold.   Purchasing natural organic cotton clothing, or clothing made from renewable resources such as bamboo, can protect you from harmful chemicals while causing less harm to the environment.

Now, once you’ve got your nice, new, renewable clothing and linens, don’t ruin them by using your regular toxic laundry detergent.  Use safe, natural, biodegradable laundry products, such as those available in Shaklee’s Get Clean line.  Yes, I am biased because I’m a distributor, but I’ll tell you this… we’re the oldest, the most proven, and the best.  Hands down.  So visit http://www.shaklee.net/hardy/prodHou to find out more about those products.  They’re not just for organic clothes too.  They’re good for all clothes and linens.

Take the first step soon… go buy one organic cotton towel and see how good you’ll feel when you wrap that all-natural goodness around your body after a hot shower.  You’ll feel great knowing that you’re not experiencing comfort and the earth’s expense.

Live it up… live green!

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