» Care for your lappy

Clean your laptop periodically to keep it dust-free and running smoothly.
You bought a new laptop a few months ago, and it’s already looking dirty. Besides outside layer of dirt that is visible on the body of the laptop, there is also probably unimaginable amount of dust accumulated inside the keypad and these may affect the life of your laptop. This may also leave scratch marks on the screen, hamper display or affect important functions of the laptop. However, before launching on a laptop cleaning frenzy, you should learn the proper way to clean the laptop and know what products to use and what not.
It is always a good idea to read the user’s manual that came with your laptop to familiarise yourself with your laptop and to learn the cleaning procedures recommended by the company. Clean your laptop once a year but if your laptop is mostly in a dusty environment more often than not, you may want to clean it every few months.
First of get all the things you are going to need together. These are compressed air, cotton, cleaning solution and a soft cotton cloth. Don’t use harsh chemicals or any product that uses ammonia on the laptop. For the cotton cloth, you can use an old clean t-shirt.
Start with the exterior of the laptop. Gently wipe the body with the damp cotton cloth dipped in a gentle cleaning solution. Don’t spray the solution directly on the body. Then use the can of compressed air to clean the cooling vents of your laptop. Be careful while doing this and make sure you don’t spray it too hard as the liquid on the fan blades may damage them. Cotton swabs help in holding the fan blades while you are cleaning them. Don’t spin the blades. Blow away dirt from the I/O ports with compressed air and then wipe them with cotton.
You should be extra careful while cleaning the monitor display. Turn off the laptop before you start. It will help you see the dirt more easily. Use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the display. Never use tissue papers or cotton on the display. They may leave flakes on the monitor or scratch them. Don’t use any concentrated solution. There are monitor cleaning solutions available in the market – use them.
For the keyboard, use compressed air again. If your laptop allows it, remove the keys and clean. As a precaution, never keep any sticky liquid near your laptop while working. It may spill and dirty the keypad and may prove difficult to clean.
Laptops must be cleaned with utmost care and precaution. You should not rush through it. So set aside some time for this so that you can do it properly and thoroughly. Regular cleaning will keep your laptop looking new and shiny, and also keep it running smoothly.
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» Cages by Design

Photo from www.cagesbydesign.com

Many people ask how I like my CBD cages so I thought I’d write a little something about them (I have two of their indoor parrot cages which I chose to use photos of for this post.)


I’ve never drooled over a bird cage before or thought about putting one (aside from an outdoor aviary) on a wish list, either. That is, until I saw the ones Cages by Design offer.


My mother is an interior designer so I’ve always tended to care about what things look like inside the house (and even she doesn’t have one of their cages in her own!)


I’m also not the best with math or dimensions… so I picked my own CBD cages based on their look from the catalog and website and also by the size of the birds that they had pictured inside.


When we actually got the cages delivered, it was 20 boxes to our door for two cages! We ended up having to set them up in our Florida room (where they would stay) because we could not fit them through the doorway when they were fully assembled. That will be the last time I’m put in charge of picking and ordering the cages for our birds…


 Photo from www.cagesbydesign.com

Aside from the look of the cages being one of my favorite characteristics of them, there are also many other factors of these cages that I prefer and love and make it so that I will never go back to another cage, ever:


1) Full spectrum lighting: For indoor kept parrots, having full spectrum lighting is essential to their health (plumage included.) More information on full spectrum lighting health benefits.

2) Cage liners cut to fit: There’s no yanking out the colored newspaper so your bird doesn’t get ink poisoning, they provide custom cut cage liners made of wax paper (that your bird can’t reach through the grate of the cage anyway) for any size cage you buy. This has made changing cages go a lot faster.

3) Friendly feeders: Their very own invention of “friendly feeders” keep so much more food inside the food dish vs. out.

4) Plexi glass front: The plexi glass on the front of their cages makes it so that you can enjoy looking at your beautiful parrots without watching them throw food at you (though you can have your cage made custom however you prefer.)

5) All the bells and whistles: I ordered my cages with everything included – the feeders, the toys, the perches and swings. I loved being able to set up this whole new world for my birds in one sitting and not have to go to the store to decorate it. The perches are made of manzanita so they aren’t going anywhere.

6) Storage: I use to hate how when people came over to my home they saw bags upon bags of bird food along with a bucket of perches and toys waiting for their turn to be put in a needing cage. Now I have everything in nice bins that are hidden within my cages’ own storage space. (I will say again that looks are important to me in the home.)

7) Beautiful backgrounds: I never thought of giving a bird cage the background like you would give an aquarium but I feel that it really enhances the look of the cages (maybe just for the humans but I would think the birds appreciate the extra color it provides, too.)


And then there’s everything else about the cage that I also love. The more important thing is that my parrots love their cage even more than I do – and they do. This is only proven by witnessing them inside! I have a few videos up that you can find of my birds in their cages keeping themselves busy (my military macaw is famous for this.)


The only recommendations I’d have for possible enhancements or changes would be: A live water fall (oh, wait!) and for it to clean itself.

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» Clean Green with Steam and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

We have been told if we “really” want to clean Green we should use vinegar or baking soda – but are they really Green? I have always used these for cooking but as I read Green blogs I started to use them for cleaning. They were less effective but I was grateful to know that I was not inhaling fumes. Although I soon realized they still had a carbon footprint since they need to be prepared, packaged and shipped and their bottles could eventually end up in a landfill or in our oceans. That’s when I discovered STEAM, which gets up to 300 degrees and has been proven to kill germs in 2 seconds with only WATER!

The alternatives we find on-line and in stores are in some cases not much better than toxic cleaners and they have the same carbon footprint. Plus, they do not kill germs as fast or as easy. I recently learned about Sargent Steam’s household steam machine which allows me to clean my home with two quarts of water in less than two hours! As well as their Microfiber line which is washable thus reusable. I would find myself throwing a new biodegradable product in the grocery cart and “hoping for the best”. Now, I find my home actually “feels” clean instead of just looking clean! I will share in my future blogs how easy it can be!

My name is Becky Robbins and I am a Green Cleaning Consultant for Sargent Steam. Due to my passion for the environment and living as naturally as possible, I joined their team to share this innovative technology. Let me show you how awesome these Green cleaning products really are! The best part is that we are a family owned business that believes in customer service! Please contact me for more information or check out our store www.sargentsteam.com and let them know I sent you! You deserve to enjoy cleaning Green!

Becky Robbins
Green Cleaning Consultant


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