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let’s do a murder for the sake of it.

no …not actually do it…

just blog about it….


I know I have a weirdly wired brain but it hasn’t gotten that weird…..yet!! :)

a murder straight up. no social ills, no deep analysis, nothing. just cover a murder that really does not point to anything underlying in our society…why? coz and I have said this before – this is Sandy Tenneti’s blog and there are no rules…

this was a murder that I wanted to cover when I started this blog but somehow this fell by the wayside over time. The murder of Priya Rajvansh.

you know, that actress from the 60’s and 70’s (?). Porcelain skin.Recluse. only 5 or 6 movies. Lived in with the celebrated director Chetan anand, the elder brother of Dev Anand. From England. that one….

so in a nutshell, the case goes like this- Priya, who was originally called Vera Singh, lived abroad most of her early life and unlike most Bollywood actresses, she trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ( they still have her portrait up at the Academy). Chetan Anand cast her in the seminal Haqeeqat and they both embarked upon a relationship. She would go on to star in mostly only his movies and her career spanned only 7 movies. so the story goes like this,

she was his girlfriend till his death. Now after his death, there was a financial dispute between Chetan’s sons from his first wife and Priya. Priya who was having financial problems wanted to sell off Anand’s bungalow and was trying to persuade the sons to agree. They decided then to bump her off. They gave the gruesome job to her maid, a woman named Mala who btw was having an affair with one of the sons, Vivek (how utterly salacious!). She and another helper chinnaswamy killed Priya on March 27, 2000.

The investigation revealed all. Her bitter brother accused the Anand family. Goldie and brother Dev Anand resolutely refused to believe that their nephews could do anything wrong. The courts however, did not agree. The brothers along with Mala and Chinnaswamy were sentenced to life imprisonment in July 2002.

I remember being transfixed by the case when news of it first broke. These were rich, educated guys (doon school and all, though i do not think that place-reminds me of the school i went to- is good at the end of the day). why would they do something as dumb as kill some1? everything you do gets found out in the end, didn’t they know that? how utterly foolish and they lost everything in the end, my teenaged mind sermonised to itself.

here is a video of her from youtube. has a striking resemblance with Katrina Kaif.

coming to our mythological character for the post, this too was someone I have been meaning to write about ever since the blog started but just never got around to but this blog post fits him perfectly. Kubera, the God of Wealth.

here is a an excellent article about Kuber- I love indiayogi!!


Kuber, our man, was the grandson of brahma and he ruled over Alkapuri a fabulous city that housed all the stored up wealth of the earth. there are a lot of interesting stories about Kuber and I really exhort all you read to the indiayogi article.

however, after reading numerous stories about Kuber, the one thing that stood out to me was he had super bad luck when it came to siblings. Our man of money had for a step brother, the ultra mild, super passive and the oh-so-adjusting …..Ravana.

Ravana, our man, decided Lanka (Kubera’s earlier place of residence, also fabulously wealthy) was too good a thing to be had by his brother and very matter of factly wrested it from him. Poor Kubera. Bad luck with siblings was his karma and with Ravan as a brother what was really he expecting? So Kubera of the Blighted Luck went and built himself another place of residence.

Essentially from Manhattan to Beverly Hills.

Ravana, after discovering his elder brother’s pliable nature, had some fun with something very unique that Kubera had- his magic chariot called Pushpaka. Remember Sita’s abduction?

yep, that chariot’s sure seen some action.

Well, i guess when to comes to cars and men there are no filial relationships.

oh yeah…Mr Moneybags had a son who was betrothed to Rambha (ooh hot!see what happens when u have a rich daddy!) but our Ravana, the original bad boy, decided to screw his nephew and have his woman. angry, kubera’s son ,whom the internet gives no name, cursed Virility Personified to have his ten heads fall off the minute he tried the stunt again.

that’s why sita was under the tree all the time and not in his bed

Jeez! so u r lord of wealth but look at what you have to go through on the flip side! that’s the way life works…if you get something you have to let go of something.

guess what…i just realized today’s murder besides having money as the motive also has something else in common with Short- on- Luck Kubera: crooked siblings….

(oooohhhh…what a genius I am! …who would’ve thought of that!)

ps title of the blog stems from the fact that my mom was over and spent some time with me. literally translated into drove me insane with her OCD ways. everything neat and organized. sometimes at perfect right angles with each other. everything arranged according to sizes:largest to smallest. cleaning. decorating. cleaning. cooking. cleaning (no my apt isn’t that dirty, she has OCD!!). then her eyes fell upon my laundry bags and my soul left my body. let me get one thing clear- only ppl from a different planet like doing laundry. Earthlings DO NOT!!! South Indian Amma waged psychological warfare of the type that I have not experienced in some time until the offensive laundry bags were transformed into packets containing soft, Febreze smelling and Tide churned clean,clean,clean,clean,clean ( u get the message)…clothes.

Let’s forgive her. She’s a Virgo. It comes with the month.

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