» Clean Green with Steam and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

We have been told if we “really” want to clean Green we should use vinegar or baking soda – but are they really Green? I have always used these for cooking but as I read Green blogs I started to use them for cleaning. They were less effective but I was grateful to know that I was not inhaling fumes. Although I soon realized they still had a carbon footprint since they need to be prepared, packaged and shipped and their bottles could eventually end up in a landfill or in our oceans. That’s when I discovered STEAM, which gets up to 300 degrees and has been proven to kill germs in 2 seconds with only WATER!

The alternatives we find on-line and in stores are in some cases not much better than toxic cleaners and they have the same carbon footprint. Plus, they do not kill germs as fast or as easy. I recently learned about Sargent Steam’s household steam machine which allows me to clean my home with two quarts of water in less than two hours! As well as their Microfiber line which is washable thus reusable. I would find myself throwing a new biodegradable product in the grocery cart and “hoping for the best”. Now, I find my home actually “feels” clean instead of just looking clean! I will share in my future blogs how easy it can be!

My name is Becky Robbins and I am a Green Cleaning Consultant for Sargent Steam. Due to my passion for the environment and living as naturally as possible, I joined their team to share this innovative technology. Let me show you how awesome these Green cleaning products really are! The best part is that we are a family owned business that believes in customer service! Please contact me for more information or check out our store www.sargentsteam.com and let them know I sent you! You deserve to enjoy cleaning Green!

Becky Robbins
Green Cleaning Consultant


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