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Clean your laptop periodically to keep it dust-free and running smoothly.
You bought a new laptop a few months ago, and it’s already looking dirty. Besides outside layer of dirt that is visible on the body of the laptop, there is also probably unimaginable amount of dust accumulated inside the keypad and these may affect the life of your laptop. This may also leave scratch marks on the screen, hamper display or affect important functions of the laptop. However, before launching on a laptop cleaning frenzy, you should learn the proper way to clean the laptop and know what products to use and what not.
It is always a good idea to read the user’s manual that came with your laptop to familiarise yourself with your laptop and to learn the cleaning procedures recommended by the company. Clean your laptop once a year but if your laptop is mostly in a dusty environment more often than not, you may want to clean it every few months.
First of get all the things you are going to need together. These are compressed air, cotton, cleaning solution and a soft cotton cloth. Don’t use harsh chemicals or any product that uses ammonia on the laptop. For the cotton cloth, you can use an old clean t-shirt.
Start with the exterior of the laptop. Gently wipe the body with the damp cotton cloth dipped in a gentle cleaning solution. Don’t spray the solution directly on the body. Then use the can of compressed air to clean the cooling vents of your laptop. Be careful while doing this and make sure you don’t spray it too hard as the liquid on the fan blades may damage them. Cotton swabs help in holding the fan blades while you are cleaning them. Don’t spin the blades. Blow away dirt from the I/O ports with compressed air and then wipe them with cotton.
You should be extra careful while cleaning the monitor display. Turn off the laptop before you start. It will help you see the dirt more easily. Use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe the display. Never use tissue papers or cotton on the display. They may leave flakes on the monitor or scratch them. Don’t use any concentrated solution. There are monitor cleaning solutions available in the market – use them.
For the keyboard, use compressed air again. If your laptop allows it, remove the keys and clean. As a precaution, never keep any sticky liquid near your laptop while working. It may spill and dirty the keypad and may prove difficult to clean.
Laptops must be cleaned with utmost care and precaution. You should not rush through it. So set aside some time for this so that you can do it properly and thoroughly. Regular cleaning will keep your laptop looking new and shiny, and also keep it running smoothly.
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