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» Curso de Extensão em Geotecnia Ambiental na UNICAMP

No último sábado, 28/JUN/2008, o Eng. Paulo Negrão, Diretor Técnico da Clean, ministrou sua aula sobre Amostragem de Solos Contaminados no Curso de Extensão em Geotecnia Ambiental da UNICAMP.  Inciado em Abril e com uma carga horária de 13 sábados, o curso conta com 20 alunos selecionados que atuam nos segmentos de consultoria ambiental, geotecnia de fundações e meio ambiente, e industrial.  Além da carga teórica, os alunos participaram de aula prática de campo sobre Soil Gas, Amostragem Continua por Direct Push, EnCore e classificação do perfil de sondagem.  A aula de campo contou com a participação da equipe da American Drilling do Brasil, lideradas pelo Geólogo Claudio Souza.   

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» The Pudding On My Carpet

For those of you who were not involved in my lunchtime conversation today, I revealed that cerca 3AM on Sunday I made the wise decision to eat chocolate pudding. I subsequently managed to soil my wall-to-wall carpetting, tablecloth, and ottoman with said chocolate pudding.

I proposed that the only way to clean this would be to “rent a dog”. Now, I thought that was totally outlandish, but GET THIS: “Ban proposed for dog rental service in Boston“.

I better act quickly before the ban is in place!

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» Helpfull bHip Energy Information

When do I take bHip?

Because bHip is an all natural herbal energy drink, it is recommended that you do not take it on an empty stomach. It has cleansing properties that are easier on your system, if you take your bHip drink with food. I personally take my bHip in the morning when I eat breakfast. If you are not particularly good about eating breakfast, I would tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body has not had any food for 10 – 12 hours generally and it is going to need food for fuel, to help you through your day.

How do I take bHip?

I recommend putting bHip into room temperature bottled water, as this is how it mixes the easiest. I have been told by some members of my sales team, that they mix it with different types of juice and that would also work for you. Some people have mentioned that the first one or two bHip energy drinks that they have taken did not taste very good, but after only a few days, that the taste started to get better for them. This is part of the natural process of your body becoming healthier, and more acclimated to the all natural, herbal ingredients found in the bHip Energy Blend.

A helpful tip on preparing your bHip drink is to tear open the packet, and pinch the sides of the package so that it creates a pour spout on both sides of the package. It is much easier to get the bHip powder into a bottle of water this way. If you simply tear the package open and try to pour the powder from the sides of the package, it seems to want to get all over the counter and not into the bottle. This is a simple process, but it will save you time by avoiding a cleanup, and save you money by not wasting bHip.

Do you have a sensitive stomach?

Some people have a little more sensitive stomachs than others. For you I recommend taking a half a pack of the bHip Energy Blend in the morning, and the other half of the package after lunch. This will help your system to acclimate to the bHip herbal blend slower.

The bHip Business Overview can be found online a the following address.

You can buy bHip today by simply ordering bHip through

Joe Holt

bHip Global Founder

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