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» Going Blue? Wind Turbines on Water!

Found this article by Jaymi Heimbuch on ecogeek.  What an ingenious idea!  It would place wind turbines out into the blue for more green.  There is the possibility to combine sources for energy — wind and water — and just another chance for our generation to assume more responsibility for our children’s future.

click it! >>  Floating Wind Turbines Could Revolutionize Wind Power

And for the record, is a fascinating site.  It shows that there are people out there active in creating and improving alternatives for the future.  I came away from reading it feeling quite positive.

And I’m with plans for more SOLAR power.  It just seems such a wasted resource, an alternative that hasn’t been supported and developed as it should.


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» Taking my breath away – ‘SIMPLE’ things


Simple Dreams




As I pondered at the starry sky for the moments that were spent I could plainly see the spills on the carpet and the stains on the mattress. I kept thinking I needed to improvise, a change would be good said my sanely perplexed brain.


Again, the dove flew off like the starry night before. Today, it reminded me of a work of art from one of the famous Italian painters and my mind wandered into one such artists words. He had said that an object that has been assimilated or formed and now needs no addition, no editing and no change is pure beauty…


Thank god for those famous quotes by artists.


That’s what I felt today, at the end of the day… it was beautiful… it was stunning… it was pure and perfect ….. simply because it was “SIMPLE”


My brain came to the present and looked at the wonderful things that were gifted to me till date.


It did not make me overlook the demands and the twinge, but gave me enough nerve to keep fighting, never go down on hope and have a conviction, a stronger faith in myself.


I had a horrible yesterday but had an awesome day today.


Had an amazing and astounding 10 hour sleep (keeping in mind my usual sleep of not more than 4-5 hours), woke up fresh, had a glass of my favorite mixed fruit Tropicana, did some workout and had a stupendous brunch fit for a king with a great friend of mine who also is an important part of my routine, someone from whom I take a lot of advice.


The day ended perfectly with a call from my side to a very kind and sweet relative wishing him on his birthday today which is a huge deal because of the fact that I barely remember even my own birth day.  


At the end of the day, I had good food, great friend, amazing family and an awesome book to read not to mention my grand day with loads of real keeping fit routine and some virtual game plays on my computer.


So, I had grown up a bit today but with zest and loads of energy.


I was responsible for something that was not part of my job, I was with and around those who cared and vice-versa, I put enough energy into my physical and mental training today and after a long time could write a simple post for a blog, not too long and just like my day, could keep it simple.


So I guess, it’s not just the remarkable mind blowing things that make impact on us. It’s also these simple aspects from our everyday that make us cheerful, gives us hope and courage to face life with belief, dedication and optimism.



When things go wrong

And life gets crude

Hang on to the soulful hope

That never keeps you aloof

Kiss her hand and breathe in her heart

Sing a song to the blues

and play your part!

— Ananth V



god bless and be well


Image source:


Ananth V




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» Good News: High Costs Slow Clean Coal

Mounting Costs Slow the Push for Clean Coal

Many environmentalists are actually pushing for so-called “clean” coal. Some of the arguments are valid. Along the valid lines of argument are statements that the existing plants will not be decommissioned in the foreseeable future and should at least be retrofitted with carbon sequestration technology.

This makes a lot of sense. These plants will be burning the coal anyway. If we put the CO2 underground, even if it leaks one day, it is better than the known damage from spewing it forth today. I would support such moves in conjunction with a plan to phase out the burning of coal completely.

Unfortunately, many environmentalists take a different tack. They state that the coal is there and it’s cheap. We’re going to burn it. At least this is a less damaging way to do so. Such advocates include some very respected high level environmentalists. I respectfully and strenuously disagree with such logic.

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