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» Taking a chill pill

In today’s high stress world, we’re constantly bombarded with goals, demands, family, job obligations, not to mention the media telling us who to hate, what to buy, who to vote for. For the love of God…STOP!

Boy, things don’t need to be that complicated people. I have a friend who lives a very simple yet happy life that is a real inspiration. When I was younger, aspiring up the corporate food chain, I used to laugh at his monk like simplistic ways. Now, I think he’s got something going on that I can learn from.

Face it people, when you really look at it, all we really need to be happy is good simple food, a reasonable roof over our heads, family and friends. Contrary to what you see on TV, it’s not about the car you drive, the watch you wear, the name brand cloths you wear. At the end of the day, very few of those things matter.

That friend of mine taught me that the more stuff we own, the more of the stuff eventually end up owning us. As we buy that big house and that expensive car, the payments go up. So, we have to earn more money to support the bigger payments.

So, the message for today is, take a chill pill guys. Relax. Spend some time to appreciate the things you currently have. Do an inventory check to see what “stuff” you actually need and what stuff you are hoarding. As you go through your inventory, ask yourself, “do I own this doodad or does it own me?” You’ll be amazed how much stuff actually owns you.

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» Can Checklists Save Lives?

Did you know that checking boxes on a checklist can actually save lives? I read an interesting article in Fast Company called The Heroic Checklist


Fast food companies are notorious for using them to simplify things for their employees. But did you know that hospitals are also using them to save lives? In one hospital alone they were able to save about 1,500 lives simply because they developed a simple five-step checklist for inserting IV lines.

I’m very glad that the pilot who flew me home this weekend went through his checklist to make sure our airplane was ready for take-off. If using a checklist is helpful to these industries I’m wondering how I can use them in my organization.

What do you think about checklists? Would they help you? Or do you think they’re a waste of time?


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» Desk policy


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Mijn baas is een aanhanger van de Clean Desk Policy, waarbij je geen persoonlijke spullen op je bureau hebt staan zodat elk bureau een flexibele werkplaats wordt. Sinds vandaag vind ik dat enkele persoonlijke spullen, zoals een kalender bijvoorbeeld echter onontbeerlijk zijn.

Duval-Guillaume Antwerp blijft leuke varianten verzinnen van de better world ads; ik kan dat best wel begrijpen: ik kan saaiere onderwerpen bedenken om over te brainstormen.

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