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» The Old but Good Adage “Saturday Clean”

I try to clean my house each week usually on saturdays. I love the fact that when I go to bed that night, I wake up to a orderly, clean house. That makes my Sabbath day all the better!  I heat up my steamer , Sargent Steam Brz2 , and go through the kitchen starting with the frig, stove, counter tops, sinks and ending with mopping the floor. then on to the bathrooms! Yeh some may think this is crazy but it gives me a lift each week.

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All caps… must mean this is important. Honestly, it is. I really hate shaving. I hate getting up in the morning and having to put that stupid shaving cream in my hand. I hate having to take that stupid overly priced mach 45 razor and putting it to my face. I hate having to spend my hard earned money to buy more overly priced stupid mach 45 razor blades to do the very thing that i hate… and that is… say it with me… “SHAVING!”

My dislike for shaving… no my HATE for shaving made me think about the “grooming” process as a whole. I think i hate that too. Why do i have to get up and go make myself pretty? Now please understand, i love brushing my teeth… i’m not saying don’t brush your teeth… but the whole gel the hair, trim the fu man chu (trans – “gotee”), make sure there ain’t no eye buggers in my eyes… you get the point… and for girls… HOLY COW! You ladies have it so much worse than i do. The work that society tells you that you have to put in to “be attractive” is enough to drive someone insane. I heard a student say he asked a girl what she looked like under all her make-up and she responded to him, “You do not want to know.”

Why don’t i want to know? Why is it that we hate the idea of people seeing us when we just wake up or without all our “get up” on? Why is it that we have to put our “faces” on to go out into public? Why do i have to go get my “hair did” to go somewhere?

A few years ago, Canon cameras came out with a saying… “Image is everything.” We fell for that. Then a few years later Sprite came out with a saying… “Image is nothing.” Not to sure we grabbed that one… but honestly, Sprite has no idea how close to the truth they are.

“Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature… God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel16:7

I’m not calling for a rejection of bathing. I’m not wanting to give up showering to prove all i care about is my heart, but i am pondering this…

1. How have we become so consumed with our outside “stuff”?

and 2. If my heart is really what God is looking at, should that be what i aim to look at in others?

To think, all this stemming from an extreme hate for shaving.

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» Sherry’s 2008 Goals

My 2007 Goals were vague and lazy, so no wonder I didn’t accomplish squat.

My Goals for 2008:

Polish Thousand Dollar Pharaoh and submit it to my Cerridwen editor. If she passes, tuck it away until I’ve broken in. I finally get that there is no NY market for my historicals, so I’ll suck it up and write something different.

Revise A Town Called Night and submit it to my Cerridwen editor as a possible Ellora’s Cave Quickie. I’ve been too scared to sub steamy stuff to them, thinking it’s not good enough, and I’m an in-house author. How stupid. The worst she can do is rip it apart and R it.

Finish my mystery wip, Inappropriate.

Write the mystery that I brainstormed with my chapter mates at a workshop.

Submit both mysteries to agents.

Promote my published stuff weekly.

Participate in two book signings for Sammie Jo Moresca’s stuff.

Read six books this year, for pleasure.

Get interested in email again, without re-addicting myself.

Stop shopping at QVC. Find something free and wholesome to become addicted to instead.

Keep the house clean enough.

Spend more time with my son.

Lose ten more pounds.

Tone up a little.

Be kind and patient with strangers.

Reconnect with DH.

Travel with DD.

Spend more time with the parrot. He’s “answering” the phone now. When it rings, he says “Hello…All right…What?”

Garden and keep the weeds under control.

Tackle a few small home improvement projects.

Attend a conference in the autumn, and pitch both mysteries, which shall be completed by then.

Find the joy in the music of the Bee Gees again. Reconnect with my Bee Gee friends.

Get to know some General Hospital fans.

Spend more time with the FlyLady Clutter Buster Discussion group and the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers.

Sherry Morris
IMMACULATE DECEPTION is a Romantic Times 2007 Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee!

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