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» My favorite way to procrastinate – Clean House

Oh, did you think I meant clean MY house? Ha, ha. No, I mean Style Network’s Clean House. People, I watch this show the way some people watch 24. I love it. It is so satisfying to sit on the couch and watch a home & homeowners go from mess, clutter and ICK to tidy, nice and well-designed. Or as Niecy Nash would put it, from “mayhem and foolishness” to “fabulousness.” Can I just say? I love Niecy. She cracks me up. I love her over-the-top outfits and her no bullshit way of handling some seriously wacked out homeowners. I don’t care that every single show follows the exact same format and she says many of the same things over and over. Who cares? She & the crew of Clean House help people out of some serious Dirty House Problems. And the designer, Mark Brunetz, does amazing things.

Another reason I love the show, aside from the transformation aspect of it, is the homeowners. People. Are. Crazy. I know this. You know this. But DANG! People load up their houses with so much crap they can’t even walk around in their own homes. People sleep in bedrooms so full of junk and clothes that you can’t even see the floor. People hang on to things so ugly they might kill you with thier ugliness. And mercy! Husbands and wives on this show! They are often so nasty to each other! It is hard for me to believe there are that many nasty marriages, but apparently there are. Of course, some are totally sweet to each other. I like those much better.  In any case.  Watching people deal with their messes is awesome.

But here is an obnoxious truth about my Clean House problem. What I love most in life are three things: 1) God and 2) the transformation that God can work on humankind and 3) other human beings.* Clean House gives me the false and fleeting impression that I am somehow involved with 2) and 3) on this list while I sit there with my TiVo remote in hand. I am sometimes usually avoiding doing something that God has asked me to do, or that I simply know I need to do, while I sit there and watch someone else’s transformation. It’s sad. Just today, I was going to work on my imaginary book,** but instead, I chilled with Clean House. They were VERY satisfying shows.

This is the thing about entertainment for me. It feels very satisfying. I like it. But then, when I get to the end of the day, and I realize I watched Clean House instead of praying, writing, connecting with people, or whatever, I’m not so satisfied. It bums me out. My friend Sara did this very, very funny post that was a public flogging/Mea Culpa, and this is mine. I have to step away from the entertainment version of satisfaction and step towards real satisfaction, which involves 1), 2) and 3).

Pray for me!

——— —— —— —–

*this love varies depending on the human being concerned. I am not Jesus, y’all!

**I have to call it imaginary because it is seriously not for real.

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