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» My Clean Desk

My Clean Desk

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I spend the majority of my day in my office. In the past my desk has been cluttered with paper, magazines, cables, coffee mugs, and other knick-knacks. The move to simplicity resulted in the picture shown above. I’ve moved all of my paper documents, including phone logs and meeting minutes to Google Docs. I keep index cards in the drawer in case I need to write something down quickly, then I transfer it to Google Docs.

My desk is free of clutter. I find I work better when I don’t have to frantically search for pieces of paper scattered on my desk. Now all I need to do is get rid of my office phone and go all wireless.

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» monday

The start of the third and final week of fall break.  And believe it or not, we’re all happy, busy and my house is even clean!  I guess we finally found our groove!  *crossing fingers, knocking on wood and doing everything else I can think of to keep from jinxing myself by typing that*

We’ve got a warm start to this week, high today is supposed to be 89, but it should be appropriately cool later this week (low-to-mid 70s) so I’m excited to get outside with the kids; go for some walks, bike rides, maybe go to our favorite church yard pumpkin patch (that’s Wesley United Methodist on College, for those of you local to me – the BEST location for pumpkin pictures with the kids, and remember to take their pictures in the shade to avoid squinty eyes, Mom and Dad!).

Okay so on to some non-fall break news… I started my Christmas shopping this weekend.  I wanted to start sooner, like in August, but I didn’t start getting any good gift ideas until the last week or so.  I spent some time Friday night putting together my annual Christmas Shopping Workbook, in Excel, where I keep track of my ideas, where to buy, prices, what I’ve already bought, how much I’ve already spent, who the ideas and gifts are for and whether they are regular gifts or stocking stuffers.  It helps keep me straight so that I don’t forget all my best ideas and so that I don’t go overboard with how much I buy or how much I spend (easy for me to do, I’m not the frugal one in the family for those who couldn’t already tell).

My first official purchases were for the kids-  small stocking-stuff type things from Hearthsong.  Love that site, everything I bought from them last year was a hit!  I shopped the On Sale catagory and got some good prices, and made notes of lots of other things I want to come back to later.  Jag and I also looked through catalogs from Toys to Grow On and Young Explorers – they have nice selections as well, although I haven’t bought from them so I can’t vouche for quality or customer service yet.

Baby’s up and coffee cup is empty – more later!

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» What Did I Tell You?

Last night I just had to get out of the house.  And when I left, I decided to take Dead Man’s Corner to head to town.  And what did I tell you?  There sat a car, half in the ditch and half out, a young man (okay, really, a teen driving with mommy and daddy’s blessing in a new car) standing alongside it with a cell phone in hand.  It was getting rather dark; not an enviable position at all.  A van had pulled up from the other direction as I was approaching and I saw the kid nodding as he put his cell away.  Good, I thought.  Not hurt, he’s called for help.  And I was on my way.

Why was I on my way?  Well, if I’d stayed home I’d have had to needle felt City Boy’s seat to the couch.  Any chair would have done, really, as long as it was feltable.  Why, you ask?  Well, you may recall from early on me telling you that City Boy is a neat freak.  And me?  Er…so not.  And this job that City Boy works, it gives him a full seven flippin’ days off each month!






 Not that having a City Boy around the house is a bad thing, but when it’s raining and pouring, that City Boy is not snoring.  No, he’s driving me crazy and cleaning up my stuff.  He likes to call them messes.  He doesn’t understand the creative mind.  And so I had to leave before I hurt him.

If I knew how to knit, I’d knit with this stuff! 

I went to Nancy’s place.  Nancy owns Northwest Handspun Yarns.  On Tuesday nights she has knit night, so I packed up my bag and headed down town where I managed to finish another felted horse that someone has ordered.  Yeah me!  I hung out until she closed shop.

Then I headed to Trader Joe’s because they just opened this past weekend.  I’d never been to one before.  Cool stuff, but…$6 gallon for milk?  Wow!  Talk about a cash cow…

By that time I figured I could come home.  City Boy would have my creative space all messed up (in my creative mind, that is.  In reality, most people would probably be delighted.)  And as I’m driving home, what do I see?  That same stupid kid still in that dad-gummed ditch!  He never bothered to call a tow truck.  Instead he had friends with cars all over the place with their four way flashers going so he didn’t get hit.  No clue what they were waiting for…the friend with the pick up?

Know what I did?  I came home and called the sheriff.  Hey, that kid had been there for over an hour and a half.  If he hadn’t been driving too fast around Dead Man’s Corner he wouldn’t have landed in the ditch.  And you know what?  I have to drive that road.  So does City Boy and the Grammar Nazi.  And some day, Darling will be driving it, too.  I sure wasn’t going to let him get away with causing an accident next time, and all his little friends got to watch, too.

Sigh…saved the world from sparkler trees on fire, now from stupid teen drivers.  I need a cape and a mask…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go get dressed before the neighbor gets here to muck out my paddock for me.  Happy trails!


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