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One of the neat features of TES Tool (by ghostwheel) is the ability to “clean” mods of dirty GMST entries. This helps keep the game stable and reduce conflicts. But some mods just aren’t meant to be cleaned. Here’s a list of the more popular ones.

Download TESTool Do Not Clean List

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A one-page printable Alchemy Chart intended as a quick reference for mixing up potions

Download Fessic’s Alchemy Chart

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Few other Role Playing Games have as much depth of history as Morrowind. Every race in Tamriel (except for the Orcs) has its own province and a rich back-story detailing their place in the greater political order of the land. Races of Tamriel features pictures and maps of the various inhabitants of Morrowind, along with a brief description of each race.

Download Races of Tamriel

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If I were to try my hand at modding for Morrowind these are some of the mods I would have aspired to create. Since that is very unlikely to ever happen I offer these concepts to anyone willing or able to bring them to life – no strings attached.

Download Mod Concepts

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